Junior Cycling

  Milwaukee’s Junior Cyclocross Cup is community led pilot initiative to kick start the city’s competitive youth cycling scene.  Based out of Milwaukee County’s Washington Park, boys and girls from the 414 area code  who will participate in training rides this Summer with our sights set having them compete this Fall’s cyclocross season! 

Requirements to be on the team

1)       Fill out the application form completely.

2)       Applicants must be have established adult mentor or parent/guardian accompany the youth at the interview.

3)       Applicants must be between the ages of 12 to 18 at one point in 2012.

4)       Be able tell during an interview, “why you want to be on the team.”

5)       Signed permission from parent or guardian


 If you are interested in joining the Milwaukee Junior Cycling Team. Please fill out the form at the bottom of the page. Someone will get be in contact with you and your mentor to arrange an interview.

Tentative Practice Schedule:

  • Two days a week, probably Tuesdays and Thursdays
  • Practices will be 90 minutes within the window of  3p to 6p.
  • Specifics will be decided by participants, volunteers coaches, and staff.


Risks, Safety, Release of Liability

  • The chance of injury in Cyclocross is similar to other High School ball sports.
  • Typical speeds are 5-15 mph. serious injuries are rare. Falling or sliding out can happen frequently, especially when conditions are wet, but much like a sliding tackle in soccer, wet conditions reduce friction, and injury risk. Expect occasional falls & superficial skin scrapes with similar frequency/occurrence /magnitude as other ball sports.
  • All racers will be required to sign a release of liability waiver similar to participation in other High School sports.


Frequency Asked Questions

Does the youth need to know how to ride a bike? Yes,  however no prior competitive racing experience is required.

What do you mean by “established adult mentor relationship in place”?  We are using a loose definition of mentor. A mentor can be an involved parent, an adult relative, big brother big sister volunteer, and a strong connection to youth mentoring community organization.  

How much does this cost? Bike, equipment, and/or clothing is be provided for free if needed.

Where will the program be located?  We will be based in Milwaukee County’s Washington Park.  We will spend the majority of our time outside.  However at times will do some inside classroom work  at the Urban Ecology Center in Washington Park.

What is the Milwaukee Junior Cycling Team? Milwaukee Junior Cycling Team is a summer cycling program that was developed to provide opportunities for under-served and at-risk youth through cycling. It brings teens together from all backgrounds, experience, and creates a team of young cyclists.  The goal is the experience different forms of competitive cycling.




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